City panel votes to shut down New China Wok at 50th and France


September 24, 2012 by Sarah M

By Nick Halter

New Wok China, 5033 France Ave., has violated 193 health code violations over the past four years, racking up $17,100 in unpaid fines.

A city panel today voted to revoke the restaurant’s license because of the fines. New Wok China, however, has already been shuttered since Aug. 27 because of the health code violation.

Michael Cain represents New Wok China owner Xio Ben Lan. He said his client has been working with a consultant to deal with the health code problems and pleaded for more time from the council. He even said his client could pay the city $5,000 immediately.

“We’re asking for Mr. Lan to have the ability to pay this money to the city,” said Cain, arguing that Lan’s restructuring would allow him to turn a profit.

The city’s Regulatory Energy and Environment Committee ignored that request, although Lan does have until the next City Council meeting to pay the $17,100 in fines to keep his license.

Dan Huff of the city’s Environmental Management and Safety division said 55 of Lan’s 193 violations were deemed critical. Critical violations, he said, mean that the problem poses an immediate health risk and can cause people to get sick. New China Wok’s citations included failure to control pests. 


One thought on “City panel votes to shut down New China Wok at 50th and France

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