Linden Hills neighborhood seeks input on small area plan


September 7, 2012 by Sarah M

By Nick Halter

The Linden Hills Neighborhood Council and the city of Minneapolis are hosting an open house on Set. 23 to provide information on how to develop a small area plan in Linden Hills.

The open house will also ask for input from the public on whether or not to move forward with small area planning, which will require funding from LHiNC.

Topics include the process of small area planning, the need for a small area plan, the scope of the plan and the cost to do a plan.

The neighborhood is under a large-scale development moratorium enacted by the city that is supposed to keep developers from moving forward with plans until the neighborhood can work out a small area plan. Small area plans are meant to outline a long-range vision for land use and development.

The moratorium went into place this spring after a nasty debate over a proposed mixed-use development at the Famous Dave’s site at 43rd and Upton. That development proposal was shot down by the City Council.

The open house will run from 1 to 4 p.m. Sept. 23 in the Linden Hills Recreation Center, 3100 43rd St. W. 


One thought on “Linden Hills neighborhood seeks input on small area plan

  1. Robert Olson says:

    I was on the linden Hills board about 15 years ago and a comprehensive planning report was put together on the neighborhood under the community organization at the time. Not much has changed since then. It might be a good place to begin. I have a copy of the report if no one else does.

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