Council gives Linden Hills development the red light

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August 31, 2012 by Sarah M

By Nick Halter

Not so fast, the Minneapolis City Council told a developer who wants to build a 60-unit apartment complex on France Avenue and 45th Street.

Despite winning a 4-2 vote from a key city committee, developer Scott Carlston was denied a waiver request that would have allowed his project to get a yes or no from the City Council.

Betsy Hodges (Ward 13) fought against the waiver request and eight other council members took her side. The Council voted 9-4 against Carlston. Only Gary Schiff, Barb Johnson, Kevin Reich and Lisa Goodman voted in favor of the developer — the same four who voted in favor of the waiver request during a Zoning and Planning Committee meeting.

The waiver denial means that Carlston will have to wait until at least next April before he can get city approval or denial for his project, which is called France Avenue Apartments.

Carlston had previously proposed a 62-unit, five story building at the site, calling the project Sunnyside Flats. The Planning Commission denied that project. Carlston appealed, but withdrew his appeal and re-tooled the proposal. The new project calls for 60 units and four stories. He took out plans for commercial space on the ground floor.

Carlston argued that he had gotten city advice to pull his appeal and believed his project would have been grandfathered in and unaffected by the moratorium on large projects in the Linden Hills neighborhood.


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