Renovated sports fields at Bryant Square Park

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August 7, 2012 by Sarah M

// By Maggie Kane //


Volunteers work on the bases.

CARAG — Volunteers from the Minnesota Twins organization and The Toro Company updated Bryant Square Park’s two multi-purpose sports fields on Aug. 7.

Projects included replacing backstops; adding new benches and bleachers; re-anchoring bases; and removing grass that covered the edges of the baseball diamonds.

“We look at things that are going to make the field more playable,” said Chris Iles, corporate communications manager for the Twins.

They primarily work on areas of the field that need updating for safety reasons, Iles added.

Bryant Square is the third Minneapolis park to undergo these renovations since the Twins organization and Toro joined together in 2010.

Each year the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board chooses a location that needs updating, said Judson McNeil, president of The Toro Foundation. The foundation oversees funds for The Toro Company’s charitable contributions.

“We come out with about 75 volunteers and totally renovate the fields,” McNeil said. “We like to be in a different part of the city [each year].”

The Twins Community Fund and The Toro Foundation each contribute $10,000 to cover the cost of the work, McNeil said. Toro provides field maintenance products and utility vehicles.

Previous projects happened at Phelps Park and North Commons Park.


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