City surveying cyclists and motorists on Bryant

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August 7, 2012 by Sarah M

// By Dylan Thomas //

CARAG — City staff plan to survey bicyclists and motorists along Bryant Avenue South this week to get feedback on the shared roadway design.

Bicycle and pedestrian planner Simon Blenski said city staff planned to intercept bicyclists and also flyer cars parked along Bryant Avenue South this Thursday. Last year, the city began a two-year, Federal Highway Administration-approved experiment with shared-roadway markings on the avenue, including two wide green stripes running down both lanes of Bryant south of Lake Street.

The green stripe in the northbound lane is painted close to the center of the lane, while on the southbound side of Bryant the stripe is nearer the curb. Part of the test is to see how bicyclists respond to the placement of the shared-roadway markings.

Both stripes got a fresh coat of green latex paint at the start of August. Last year’s hue didn’t hold up well and was mostly faded by this spring, so city crews applied a brighter, lime-green shade this time, Blenski said.

Maybe a better description of the color would be “Nice Ride green,” since it resembles the color used for the city’s bike-sharing system.

The new paint color also is a better match to bike lanes in Dinkytown where, instead of paint, bike lanes are marked with a plastic tape that is embedded into the road surface. That process seems to produce a more durable pavement marking, but it’s also more expensive.


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