UPDATE: Developer comes back with smaller plan for Linden Corner site


July 13, 2012 by Sarah M

By Nick Halter

Update: Dwyer sent some additional information to the Southwest Journal. The new plans call for a 42-foot tall building, as opposed to a 59-foot tall building proposed for the Linden Corner project. The plans also call for 6,000 square feet of commercial space, but unlike Linden Corner, the 4250 Upton project, there’s no proposal for a restaurant. The Linden Corner project proposed 12,000 square feet of commercial space.

The developer behind the failed Linden Corner project has come back with new plans for the 43rd and Upton intersection, this time targeting a three-level mixed use building with 18 condo units.

In March, the Minneapolis City Council killed developer Mark Dwyer’s request to build a six-level building at the same place, which currently is home to Famous Dave’s. Those plans called for 40 units and caused some backlash among neighbors.

Dwyer, in an e-mail to the Southwest Journal, said the new project is called “4250 Upton” and would feature between two and four commercial tenants on the first floor and residential units on floors two and three. He said the new project would use two parcels —the Famous Dave’s and Edward Jones lots. There would also be one level of underground parking in addition to some surface parking for commercial customers.

“As a local development team, we hope to create a project that is well built, beautiful, responsive and well-received by a broader base of our neighbors,” Dwyer said.

The city’s Planning Commission will discuss the project at its July 19 informal meeting. Linden Hills Neighborhood Council Co-Chair Constance Pepin said Dwyer has requested to present his plans to the neighborhood group on Aug. 14.

It’s unclear what city approvals Dwyer will need. The property is already zoned to allow for a three-level building.


One thought on “UPDATE: Developer comes back with smaller plan for Linden Corner site

  1. A. Saltzman says:

    The scale of this project as it is described is one that I look forward to supporting. It sounds like it is within the parameters of the existing zoning codes, and compatible with the scale of the commercial district. Thanks Mark for being willing to rethink your proposal.

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