Gray House gastropub plans August opening

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July 11, 2012 by Sarah M

WHITTIER — Less than five months after Risotto restaurant closed, Gray House plans to open its doors in the 610 W. Lake St. space.

Chef Ian Gray, who carved out his reputation at Trattoria Tosca as its longest-serving executive chef, plans to open what he’s calling a “gastropub” in mid-to-late-August.

“We are waiting on the city right now,” Gray said.

Gray has over a decade of experience as a chef. Travels with his wife and in-laws to London influenced him to bring that city’s concept of the gastropub to Minneapolis.

“I just like the idea that [the food] is created fresh and there is no set cuisine,” Gray said. “You can find sandwiches, full-blown entrees, sample different items (or) share family style. And the beers were just made really local.”

Gray plans to stock local craft beers and eventually take part in community brewing, where breweries make small batches of customer’s recipes. As for the food, he plans on putting to use his collection of over 450 cookbooks to create a dynamic menu.

“It’s sort of like a Grateful Dead concert tour: There [are] no two sets alike,” Gray said. “You might hear the same old jams, but they won’t be in the same order. The cuisine is all over the board.”

Gray said July 11 he expected his business application to go before the city council within the next couple of weeks. It would likely be another five to seven weeks before the restaurant is able to open for business.


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