A quarter of city households could have single bucket recycling this fall

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July 10, 2012 by Sarah M

By Nick Halter

A city panel today approved opening contracts that will implement single sort recycling in Minneapolis as early as this fall for 30,000 households.

Two contracts will go out for proposals. The first is for 110,000 95-gallon recycling carts and the second is for processing the city’s cans, plastic, paper, glass and other recyclables.

David Herberholz, the city’s solid waste and recycling director, said plans are only preliminary, but over a quarter of city households could have single sort recycling in fall, with all remaining homes getting it by the middle of 2013.

He said it’s likely that a big chunk of South Minneapolis will be first to get single sort recycling. That area, Herberholz said, has been difficult for crews because of an overabundance of plastics. Either trucks have to make more runs back to processing facilities, or a separate truck has to be sent out to collect plastics, he said.

The City Council of May 25 approved the shift from multi-sort recycling to single-sort in an effort to increase the city’s recycling rate. Under the current program, residents are supposed to sort plastics, glass, aluminum, paper and cardboard. This would allow them to throw everything in one bucket and wheel it to the corner.


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